What Nayax does

At the forefront of the cashless world

Nayax is a global fintech company, specializing in payments and M2M communication, and is the leading provider of cashless payment devices,  telemetry, remote management, and BI solutions. Nayax devices can be found all over the world, with branches in 9 countries, and 40 distributing partners. Our devices serve consumers in 55 countries and accept 26 currencies.

Everything is done in-house

Nayax’s produces proprietary software and hardware, providing operators with a complete service, including SIM cards, connectivity, credit card clearing, marketing tools and software for remotely managing vending machines or other unattended businesses.

A secure system for all machines

Nayax’s cashless device is plug & play, retrofittable and works with all protocols and machines. Nayax ensures all transactions are secure and our card readers are fully EMV certified.

With multiple payment methods

Nayax believes that every payment method on the market should be available to consumers so that you don’t miss a potential sale. With cashless payments, customers are offered convenience and a faster transaction.

Nayax enables contact, swipe, and contactless payments including credit and debit cards, prepaid or postpaid cards, mobile app payment, and QR codes. Nayax devices also work seamlessly alongside coin mechanisms and bill validators.

Serving more than vending machines

Nayax is helping write the cashless story in many markets, serving operators of vending machines, laundromats, car washes, kiosks, office coffee services, kiddie and amusement rides, restrooms, and photo booths and other automated machines that want to implement cashless payments into their businesses.

  • Improving your operations & sales. More payment methods equals more sales and more satisfied customers. The benefits of vending machine card readers are not limited to the consumers as operators gain more from Nayax’s complete solution. Integrating telemetry and remote management into your operations dramatically improves your productivity.
  • Save time. Spend less time with cash handling tasks like counting cash, going to the bank and visiting locations unnecessarily.
  • Always be in the loop. Be informed of any operational issues going on with your machines with smart notifications, sent in real time to your phone or email, so that you can attend to problems as they happen.
  • Business transparency. With Nayax’s management software and customizable reports operators gain a better understanding of their operations and overall business situation.
  • Consumer engagement tools. reach out to consumers to nurture loyalty and encourage repeat business with Nayax’s campaign management features, which include digital loyalty punch cards, the brandable app Monyx Wallet, and membership discounts.

Does your vending machine or an unattended automatic business include cashless options?

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The Nayax Story

The story of cashless began decades ago, with the introduction of credit and debit cards. With the advent of smartphones, payment by mobile apps has also grown. With consumers embracing cashless payments for all their retail transactions, it makes sense for operators of unattended machines and services to offer cashless capability as well.

In 2005, Nayax declared its goal of “attending to the unattended”. Recognizing the importance of cashless payments for unattended machines, began its mission to help operators and facilities implement their solution to provide convenience to consumers.

While incorporating this goal, Nayax’s co-founders, having come from both a retail world and technology background, quickly saw how unattended machines can be converted into 24/7 retail stores. This allows a real connection between consumer and operator, with enhanced consumer engagement tools and promotions, bringing about a true IoT experience.

Attending to the unattended has quickly become a rallying cry for Nayax, ensuring that operators have a true partner in their business.

Nayax – award-winning solutions!

NIVO Group 2020 –
Nayax UK- Supplier of the Year (Highly Commended)

Automatic Merchandiser – 2018 Pros to Know
Nayax Payment Team

Nayax's payment team wins Automatic Merchandiser's 2018 Pros to Know award

Vending International – 2018 Vendies UK Winner – Payment System of the Year

Nayax is an award-winning cashless payment system, having won the Vendies' Payment System of the Year for 3 years in a row.

EVEX 2018 –
Onyx, Payment system of the year

Vending International – 2017 Vendies UK Winner – Payment System of the Year

VPOS Payment System of the Year i- Vendies 2017

Automatic Merchandiser – 2017 Pros to Know
Greg Hasslinger, Director of Sales, Nayax

award winning company Nayax receives Automatic Merchandiser's 2017 Pros to Know award

Vending Star 2017 –
VPOS Touch, Best Concept

Winner if the Euvend Vending Star Award is Nayax, the leading cashless payment device provider for unattended machines including office coffee services.

EVEX 2017 –
VPOS Touch, Payment system of the year

Nayax Onyx wins 2017 EVEX award for Payment System of the Year

Vending International – 2016 Vendies UK Winner – Best Payment System

CMA 2015 Contactless Mobile Awards Winner – Best payment solution in the unattended industry

Award winning mobile payment solutions - CMA 2015 Contactless Mobile Award Winner

Automatic Merchandiser – 2015 Pros to Know
Nayax Embedded Software Group

Award winning company - Nayax wins Automatic Merchandiser's 2015 Pros to Know award

Automatic Merchandiser – 2016 Pros to Know
David Ben Avi, Co-founder and CTO, Nayax

Nayax is an award winning company, receiving Automatic Merchandiser's 2016 Pros to Know award

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