Back to school with Monyx Wallet, a Cashless Mobile Payment App

It’s that time of year! Summer is over so the days are getting shorter. And students are pulling out their notebooks once again. It’s the start of a new school year in most cities in the Northern Hemisphere. And it’s time to look at the issue of vending machines in schools.

Do you operate a vending machine in a school? Or does the school your child goes to have vending machines?

Encourage cashless payments with Monyx Wallet

Adding cashless payment capabilities is the best option for a vending machine in a school. With children getting their first smartphone around 10 years old, it makes sense to provide multiple payment options.

Operators can easily encourage the download of Monyx Wallet with QR codes or promoting the download of the app.

Want to download the Monyx Wallet app?


After Monyx Wallet is downloaded, credit card details can easily and securely be uploaded. (If parents don’t want to include their CC details, Nayax offers an option to work with prepaid cards that can be revalued via a secure website.) When available, students can use the app to pay for their desired purchases. By simply clicking “Pay” and choosing the vending machine’s Monyx Wallet ID, students can easily complete the transaction.

Nayax makes Monyx Wallet even more attractive to operators by allowing students to deliver immediate feedback about their machines, even if the app wasn’t used for purchasing. So if there’s a missing product (or a product that a student would like to see), it’s an ideal way to communicate with consumers.

Using Monyx Wallet from afar

And what about those younger students who don’t have a smartphone? And don’t have cash?

They can still make their purchases, because Monyx Wallet can be used to purchase remotely. A parent can have the app installed on their phone. Upon choosing the Monyx Wallet ID of the vending machine where the child is located, the child will hear a verbal prompt to choose the desired product and the transaction will be completed.

Instant refunds deliver instant satisfaction

Monyx Wallet makes it easy to provide immediate refunds. This promotes customer loyalty and generates a lot of customer satisfaction.

Using Nayax’s Management Suite, operators can confirm that the money was received. At that point, they can send a virtual prepaid card to the Monyx Wallet for future purchase.

Not just for vending machines

The beauty of Monyx Wallet is that it’s not just for vending machines, but applicable for payment of any unattended purchase or service integrated with a Nayax cashless payment system. Whether a student is getting copies at a photocopier for a school paper or paying for a washing machine at a college dorm, Monyx Wallet works.