C-zi Patel joins Nayax as Application Sales Manager for the UK & Ireland Regions

C-zi Patel

C-zi Patel

Leading cashless payment provider Nayax is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. C-zi Patel as Application Sales Manager UK & Ireland. Nayax customers around the world benefit from Nayax’s complete 360° solution for cashless payments, telemetry and management suite. Mr. Patel brings a wealth of experience, having come from a technical sales background whilst working within the cash, cashless and card I.D. industries for many years.

Nayax cashless expertise enables operators to receive the complete package with no need to deal with banks, credit fees, telecom payments and more. As an EMV certified solution provider, with LTE technology, Nayax is positioned to work with customers now and in the future. Nayax is a 2016 Vendies UK winner of “Best Payment System” for VPOS, an all-in-one solution for magnetic swipe, contact, and contactless operations for unattended automated machines.

“I am pleased to be joining Nayax as it is clear to me that Nayax offers a game-changing payment platform for unattended applications giving flexibility to modern day operators of any vending / service machinery,” commented C-zi Patel, Application Sales Manager, Nayax UK. “Being able to offer operators plug-and-play machine hardware at point-of-sale, while providing full telemetry services and management tools that puts the control in businesses’ hands is an exciting prospect and I look forward to working within multiple markets needing these solutions.”

“Nayax is thrilled to have C-zi join us – his depth of knowledge and experience in this industry will offer much to our customers,” said Mr. Lewis Zimbler, Operations Director, Nayax UK. “As the unattended markets in the UK and Ireland continue to grow, with the advent of cashless payments, our customers look to Nayax for the most advanced technological solutions, and with C-zi’s support, we will be ready for them.”

About Nayax

Established in 2005, Nayax has over 100,000 devices installed worldwide, operating in more than 40 countries with different currencies. Nayax’s line of innovative products are designed to remotely manage the machines and bring machine operators closer to their consumers. Point of sale options are flexible in order to reduce sales barriers, and include debit and credit cards, mobile, SMS, prepaid cards and NFC payment options. Nayax cashless expertise enables operators to receive the complete package with no need for dealings with banks, credit fees, telecom payments and more. With Nayax there are no hidden surprises at the end of the month. Nayax works with leading global payment processors (today connected to over 40 banks) in order to provide the best cashless services for unattended payment applications.