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Nayax Operators’ Success Stories:



Simplot Australia – Prepaid Cards Case Study

Simplot Australia is a leading Australian food manufacturer and the home of Australia’s favorite food brands. With 2,500 employees in Australia, in 2016 Simplot Australia turned to their own food brands to offer catering to their staff based in Mentone, Victoria. Vending machines with heating options, presented the company significant cost savings compared to introducing an on-site cafeteria or café. Additionally, Simplot Australia wished to showcase the company’s product range to its staff.


Nayax Prepaid Cards

Using Nayax’s prepaid solution provided Simplot Australia and its employees a lot of convenience. Simplot Australia employees purchase food products with prepaid card payments, and the cost of the meal is deducted directly from employees’ salaries. The system is also not exclusively prepaid. Thanks to the VPOS cashless readers, Simplot Australia’s vending machines also accept credit card and mobile payments, opening their sales to visitors or staff members who have exceeded their monthly allowance.

Vending machine containing Simplot meals and fitted with cashless payment system for prepaid cards, credit cards, contactless and mobile payments.

With Nayax card readers and prepaid solution Simplot was able to offer its employees discounts rates on its vending machine meals.

Employee Discounts

Nayax’s Management Suite offers operators the ability to assign discounts to prepaid cards. Using this feature Simplot Australia offered their products at a discounted rate to the staff while outsiders would pay full price.


After integrating Nayax’s prepaid solution Simplot Australia found that most employee prepaid cards had multiple purchases every month and that 84% of all purchases were made with prepaid cards. The employees were happy with this arrangement and the operators were pleased with the solution Nayax had provided them.


By the third year of using Nayax, Simplot Australia had added vending machines to additional locations of theirs. With these additional machines, the number of transactions went up 56% from the first year and the payment method usage had shifted too. Now 69% of transactions were completed with prepaid payments and credit card use rose to 31%.


Simplot Australia introduced prepaid payments for its employees with Nayax’s solution for closed loop systems.

Simplot Australia, Mentone campus



RideOn Entertainment – Amusement Machines Case Study

Coin operated kiddie ride with tap and go pay option in Australia.

By offering more payment methods, kiddie ride operator RideOn was able to grow their sales.

RideOn is Australia’s leading children’s ride specialists, with a fleet of 2,800 amusement machines in 1,400 retail locations. With approximately 90% of Australians’ purchases being cashless, the company was looking for a way to introduce cashless payments onto their rides.



Cashless Payment Enables Growth

In the last 10 years the company had not raised its $2-coin ride price. RideOn was looking to improve their margins and cashless payments was a natural way to address this issue. RideOn began working with Nayax in 2017 and fitted the VPOS Touch on 700 machines.


With the introduction of cashless payments including the popular tap and go (contactless), credit cards and mobile payments, RideOn was able to monitor their sales in real time and gain more transparency in how their sales were doing in real time. Over the course of an 18-month period RideOn saw 33% of their transactions move to cashless.


Features of Note: Machine Monitoring and Alerts

Frozen kiddie ride featuring Nayax’s contactless payment enabled customers to pay for a ride with their cards or mobile phones.

“Partnering with Nayax Australia has enabled us to accept card payment, increase our prices and monitor our rides” – Dale Smorgon, CEO of RideOn Entertainment.

RideOn appreciated that Nayax’s cashless payment solution also gave them the ability to manage their machines remotely. The extensive array of real-time alerts helped reduce coin jams, tech time and on-site visits.



Consumers Can Pay with RideOn’s App

RideOn had developed its own app for its consumers, which was compatible with Nayax’s system. Now RideOn users can activate rides via the RideOn app and pay via Nayax’s VPOS Touch.


Another Satisfied Nayax Operator

By the end of 2018 the number of Nayax devices installed went up to over 1000. Says Dale Smorgon, CEO of RideOn Entertainment “RideOn has taken a leap to the next level and partnering with Nayax Australia has enabled us to accept card payment, increase our prices and monitor our rides. Nayax has proved themselves as a reliable partner and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”



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Hi Tec Washrooms, Camden Market – Cashless Restroom Case Study

Restrooms can be unattended with a cashless payment system.

Unattended restrooms can thrive thanks to the addition of a cashless payment system.

Popular London shopping area, Camden Market, receives 20 million annual visitors. The UK has seen a steady drop in cash usage as contactless has gained widespread popularity.


Adding Cashless Payments

The operators of Camden Market’s public toilets, Hi Tec Washrooms, were looking for a way to add cashless payments to their paddle gate and turnstile restrooms, to cater to the public who have become accustomed to paying with tap and go throughout London and the UK. Many of the traders in the market also use prepaid cards to pay for using the facilities, and the managers also wanted a solution that could help these users.


Gaining Cash Accountability

Customer pays with their smart watch to enter a public restroom. Using a contactless wearable watch they no longer need to carry cash or even a credit card.

With cashless acceptance customers no longer need to carry cash or even a wallet to use a public toilet.

In addition to cashless payments, Hi Tec Washrooms were also seeking a way to monitor the cash payments they did receive. Hi Tec Washrooms turned to Nayax to address both their cash and cashless concerns and within a year of adding the VPOS to their machines, they saw significant results.


Cashless Usage Growth

They discovered that only 30% of sales were made with cash. 46% of sales were from the merchants using prepaid cards and the remaining 24% were from card and mobile payments. Hi Tec Washrooms were happy with the improvements in their operations and their facility managers use the sales reports and Management Suite daily, to monitor the activities of the bathrooms.




Pure Gym  Cashless Vending Machines Case Study

Pure gym vending machines introduced cashless payment system for greater efficiency, and now customers don’t need to carry cash to buy a snack or drink after a workout.

When cashless payments were added to Pure Gym’s vending machines average spend went up.

The story of Pure Gym in the UK illustrates the difference Nayax’s cashless vending solutions make to operators and consumers. Pure Gym wanted to explore the possibility of offering different payment methods on their premises.


Customers Rely on Convenience of Cards

“When you go to the gym you don’t want to be carrying lots of cash around with you. Apart from the question of security, these days we have come to depend on the convenience of cards” vending machine operator GVS’s National Account Manager Pat Gibney points out.


Introducing Cashless Vending

Pure Gym began working with Nayax in 2014, and within a month all the new cashless vending machines were supplied and installed, and the 100 machines that they already possessed were retrofitted with cashless payment capability.


Lewis Zimbler, Operations Director at Nayax UK, worked closely with Pure Gym and GVS to deliver the solution: “The project was a great success. Our Nayax Cashless Payment solution is designed to combine financial services with the latest technology so that vendors can benefit from cashless vending systems without being concerned with merchant accounts or data security.


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Increased average spend

Pure Gym noticed an uplift in sales when they introduced cashless card readers to their vending machines.

To offer customer convenience and improve sales, Pure Gym turned to Nayax for a cashless solution.

Not only does the cashless system make life easier for Pure Gym customers who have forgotten to bring cash, but it also facilitates more sales because their spend is not limited by the amount they have in their pocket. As a result, since introducing the cashless payment system, there has been a significant uplift in sales.


Pure Gym was delighted with the cashless vending solution and continues to roll it out with every new gym they open. As of 2019, there are over 230 branches of Pure Gym across the United Kingdom with over 500 vending machines fitted with Nayax card readers.





Oslo Train Station – Cashless Restroom Case Study

Norway is one of the more cashless countries in the world. They don’t even need to carry cash to use the pay toilet.

Nowadays Norwegians prefer cashless payments over cash.

Norway is one of the global leaders in cashless payments, with cash only being used in 5% of Norwegian transactions. It’s also a country where you often need to pay to use the restroom in public spheres like transportation stations.


One of these pay restrooms located in Oslo’s Central train station, a location that sees traffic of 150,000 travelers daily sought to decrease its coin transactions and promote more cashless payments.


Reduced Transaction Time

In 2016, EMV regulation changed, lengthening transaction speed to 20 seconds, causing delays, complaints, and many customers opting to use cash to avoid lengthy transaction times. To address this issue, the Nayax team developed more advanced communication features to reduce the transaction time, increasing the number of consumers who can enter the restrooms per minute.


Consumers were also provided a better restroom experience. With Nayax’s solution implemented, cash transactions were now recorded and there was also a high volume of customers paying through credit cards, as well as a noted increase in overall traffic.


Improved Customer Satisfaction

With a high volume of daily visitors cashless payments on Oslo Train station’s pay restroom has increased the transaction time to pay for entering a pay toilet.

150,000 people travel through Oslo Train Station’s daily.

The restroom operators were very happy with Nayax’s customer service. “I am very satisfied with the Nayax system. We are also very satisfied with the support and customer service that EBS (Nayax’s distributor in Norway and Finland) provides us. Our expectations for the future is still high volume of transactions because of the high number of visitors. We use Nayax’s Management Suite to handle different reports and check machine status” says Berit Urianstad, manager of Rom Eiendom (a subsidiary of Norwegian State Railways).


Statistics for One Restroom:

In 2015 credit card transactions while no cash transactions were recorded. In 2016 there was a 56% increase in cashless sales and cash transactions begun to be tracked. In 2017 there was a 38% increase in cashless sales and a 14% growth in cash transactions.



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