Make Your Car Wash System Cashless

Increase your car wash revenue and productivity

As the world becomes increasingly cashless, so too are unattended machines. Car washes are no exception! Drivers should also be able to pay for an automatic car wash or a self-serve car wash with a cashless payment method of their choice. When arriving at a car wash pay station, consumers should be able to swipe, insert or tap their credit card, scan a QR code or pay with a mobile app. Operators stand to improve productivity with the addition of a car wash software system, as well.

Cashless payment system for car wash pulse machines

Operator Benefits of a Cashless Car Wash Payment System

Encourages unplanned car washes

Cashless payments make it easy for your customers to pull in for a quick car wash, without having to worry about whether they’re carrying cash.

Multiple payment methods

Make your automated car wash station accessible to any driver, no matter how they pay. Offering more payment methods like credit cards, EMV chip cards, QR codes and mobile payment apps open your car wash to more business.

Accepts prepaid payments

Regular consumers can buy a prepaid loyalty card and benefit from loyalty discounts and rewards via the Monyx Wallet, Nayax’s payment app.

Less cash handling

Reduce the amount of time you spend on the administrative tasks involving cash. Save the time and effort you’d usually dedicate to counting and transporting cash while also reducing the number of weekly visits to the bank.

Increased security

Enhance the safety of your car wash business with cashless transactions, which help reduce the chances of vandalism and theft to your equipment.

More Operational Benefits of a Car Wash Payment System

Stay informed with smart alerts

Prevent loss of revenue and save on maintenance costs with real-time warnings. Receive notifications via phone or email if any machine in the car wash becomes unplugged or if anything breaks.

Save time with remote management

Track usage and manage machine activity from any location without needing to visit the car wash station in person. If you’re out of the office often, download Nayax’s MoMa app to access many of NayaxVend’s features when you’re on the go.

Business transparency

Using Nayax’s telemetry & car wash software operators can attain a better understanding of their car wash businesses as they stand in real time. Gain a more complete picture of your business with up-to-date transaction data and sales reports.

Insights with daily reports

Learn more about consumer behavior and sales with customizable sales reports, which can be received daily, weekly and monthly.

Water resistant

Nayax’s card readers are waterproof and designed to endure hot and cold weather when they are fitted on your car wash pay stations.

Credit card reader for car wash

Introducing Consumer Engagement

Use marketing campaigns to gain more loyal customers – Nurturing loyal customers can lead to an increase in sales and gains you frequent visitors to your car wash. Make it worth your customers’ while to come back to your car wash by offering loyalty programs, promotions, discounts and other specials, which can all be managed with Nayax’s marketing tools in Management Suite.

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