Cashless payment solution for pulse machines

Are you an operator of unattended pulse machines? Many of the sales from pulse machines are due to impulse (pun intended!). So how can you increase your revenue? Integrating Nayax’s cashless payment solution for pulse machines lets you capture customers in ways you wouldn’t be able to with only cash payments.

Nayax's cashless payment solution for pulse machines in kiddie rides

With multiple cashless payment options, you open up new purchase possibilities for your customers. And at the same time you’re increasing sales, you’re improving productivity?

What are pulse machines?

Multiple automated machines fall into the pulse category:

  • washers & dryers
  • kiddie rides
  • arcade games
  • photo booths
  • massage chairs
  • public restrooms
  • car wash
  • photocopies, and more

By integrating Nayax’s cashless payment solution for pulse machines into your operation, you can see increased revenue and improved productivity. Including cashless payments also improves your consumers’ experiences and can strengthen consumer engagement and loyalty to your brand.

Nayax's cashless payment solution for pulse machines on a massage chair

With Nayax’s system, you can:

  • Support credit/debit/prepaid cards, mobile apps & QR scans
  • Easily install with plug and play installation for quick and convenient use
  • Receive full transparency by monitoring real-time transactions, accessing reports and event alerts
  • Implement voice interaction, multi-language display
  • Provide immediate e-refunds and e-receipts

Working with Pulse machines

Nayax can work for you, no matter how your pulse machine works!

  • Regular pulse – Turns on the machine for a set time/procedure
  • Count-up mode (delta time)
  • Increment (push and the price changes accordingly up to 6 price options) – ideal for photo booth applications
  • Relay machines –Nayax can work with 2 different machines (such as a stacked washer/dryer) and just one VPOS reader
  • Counter – count the pulses in cash

Nayax's cashless payment solution for pulse machines integrated at a public restroom

Nayax provides you with a complete solution, including telemetry and management suite. In addition, Nayax has invested in understanding the needs of pulse industries to meet their distinct needs. For example,

  • VPOS works with high-voltage devices (e.g. industrial washer/dryers)
  • Special protocol developed to allow sending alerts regarding any operational issues, using the management suite
  • With the use of AMIT telemetry, Nayax can update operators as to how many prizes have been dispensed

Nayax supports prepaid cards, allowing businesses to build consumer loyalty and promote engagement for additional sales. Card management is easily handled in the management suite, and Nayax’s Monyx Wallet app can be personalized with customers’ logo and colors to continue brand awareness.

So let consumers give in to their impulses! With Nayax’s cashless payment solution for pulse machines!