Cashless payments available everywhere!

Cashless with Nayax – in Spain!

Nayax’s cashless payment solution can be found far and wide. And as we enter the dog days of summer, here in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re putting a spotlight on one of the most popular tourist destinations out there!

For anyone lucky enough to travel to one of Spain’s beautiful cities by air, it’s a good chance that they’ll have the opportunity to buy a snack or drink at a vending machine, using Nayax’s cashless payment solution, VPOS.

Cashless payments with Nayax in Barcelona Airport

Cashless payments with Nayax in Aeropuerto de Barcelona-El Prat


Because Nayax’s solution is deployed on vending machines in twenty airports, located in the most desired cities around Spain.

Use Nayax's cashless payment solution in Aeropuerto Alicante-Elche

Use Nayax’s cashless payment solution in Aeropuerto Alicante-Elche

This gives travelers and employees the opportunity to use cashless methods, such as credit, debit, or mobile apps to purchase their desired products. And employees can also use prepaid cards, to receive employee discounts, easily configured via Nayax’s Management Suite.

Go Cashless with Monyx Wallet

And in addition to the above options, consumers can download Nayax’s own app – Monyx Wallet!

It’s simple: add credit cards to Monyx, then add the machine number (found on each individual machine). Consumers can then quickly purchase what is needed. If there’s a problem receiving a product that hasn’t dropped? Two options are possible with Monyx Wallet:

  1. Call the operator. They can use their own Monyx Wallet to give you a free vend.
  2. Receive an immediate e-refund, to Monyx Wallet for use the next time.

Interested in downloading Monyx? Choose the format that works for you: iOS / Android / WP

Nayax has solutions located placements in the top 9 busiest airports in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Valencia, Alicante, Palma de Mallorca, Tenerife Sur, Ibiza and Gran Canarias), and more! This gives Nayax the potential to reach over 200 million travelers a year, in just this one country!

Cashless solution in Aeropuerto de Ibiza

After the party – Nayax’s cashless solution in Aeropuerto de Ibiza

So, now tourists from all over the world have no need to worry if they’ve spent all their cash at an after-party in Ibiza, or on souvenirs at Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia. Having the ability to use cashless payment methods – credit cards or mobile apps – can save the day!