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Make the laundromat experience easier for consumers, improve laundromat productivity and earn more money.

For consumers there are a lot of irritating aspects to using a laundromat: it can take up a lot of time, and they need to bring their loads of laundry to the laundromat, however paying should be easy. Introducing cashless payments can change the way a consumer will think of your laundry business. Offer customers a convenient experience where they don’t have to hunt for coins to pay for use of a washer and dryer.

Suitable for both public laundromats & on-premise laundromats (OPLs).



How credit card operated laundry machines transform your laundry business operations

Save time counting cash

As an operator of a laundromat, cash takes up a lot of time. With a laundromat card system there will be less time spent hauling coins, less counting and calculating cash totals, fewer trips to the bank and fewer daily site visits. With cashless solutions you will no longer experience coin jams, which shut machines down and cause revenue loss.

Price flexibility

With a cashless payment system, coin denominations no longer limit you to round prices. Operators can easily change the price from NayaxVend. Pricing can also be changed to cover the slight increases in costs of using cashless payment methods.

Offer multiple payment methods

Broaden your market with a card operated laundry machine and other cashless payments. Give your consumers as many possible ways to pay, whether it’s by credit or debit card, QR code or mobile payment app. Provide your consumer with a cashless payment method they are comfortable using.

Customizable POS configuration

Nayax understands that every laundromat has its own demands. Install Nayax’s laundry pay system in a way that works with your premises’ layout. Nayax’s laundry card readers can be installed on individual machines, on stacks of washers and dryers, or at a central pay station.

More benefits of card operated laundromats

Prepaid options with Monyx Wallet

Operators can offer loyalty programs via Nayax’s payment app, Monyx Wallet. Using Nayax’s unique prepaid solution, consumers will be able to pay for their laundry with a virtual loyalty card on the app or a card loaded onto the app.

Build customer loyalty with loyalty programs

Offer your customers a convenient, cashless experience that will make them want to come back to your laundromat. You can make it worth your customers’ time and wallet by introducing promotions, happy hours, discounts and loyalty programs, which can all be managed from Nayax’s Management Suite.

Monitor machine health remotely

If you manage more than one laundromat or are located at a distance from your unattended laundromat, it can be challenging to keep your eye on every machine. Nayax gives you the ability to oversee the health of many machines at once, without having to visit the laundromat in person.

Control machine attributes remotely

Access and control your washers and dryers from afar. Nayax’s devices allow you to restart your machines from any location and control individual attributes without needing to come visit the machine to get them up and running properly.

Guides your consumers

With voice interaction and 26 local languages, our laundry card reader guides the consumer through the purchasing transaction, making the cashless laundry experience pleasant and easy for the consumer.

Prevent revenue loss with real-time alerts

Nayax’s telemetry allows operators to keep up with events that occur in their laundromats remotely. With smart alerts you can be notified in real time via text message or email if a machine gets unplugged or if anything is not working correctly, averting any aspect of your laundry business from coming to a halt, and saving you from losing business.

Business transparency

With Nayax’s NayaxVend Management Suite you can be more in control of your business. The telemetric capabilities that make monitoring machine health remotely also make it possible for operators to track transactions from afar. View all transactions and receive daily reports of sales to gain a complete picture of your operations.

Create a safer environment

Without cash transactions, the threat of vandalism to your machines is reduced. Install Nayax devices will make your laundromat a safer place that your customers will want to frequent.

Save on maintenance

With Nayax’s telemetry, operators can track which card operated washing machines are used most and rotate washers and dryers to maximize efficiency, saving on maintenance fees in the long run, allowing equal wear and tear on the machines’ parts.

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