Safe investment for unattended devices cashless payments

Cashless payments are a safe investment

An investment in the vending business is not cheap. Depending upon the type of machine, you will have spent thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands, depending upon the number of machines purchased. After these expenditures, you want to make sure that you’re operating a safe investment, for the long-term.

The machines themselves can last years. But how do they compare with your competitors? At the end of the day, you might say that as long as your products or services are what your consumers are interested in, you’ll be okay.

Is that really true?

What if consumers aren’t carrying cash on them. Will you still be able to make that sale?

According to a survey of Nayax customers, almost 70% of operators installed cashless due to customer demand. Many distributors and vending machine manufacturers already offer Nayax as a commodity as part of a vending operator’s order. This is due to the knowledge that an operator can only benefit from having Nayax’s cashless payment solution integrated on their machines.

Nayax's cashless payment solution is a safe investment, to help your operationsWhile your older machines might not have all the bells and whistles that today’s newer machines have, you can still bring your devices into the future.

Integrating Nayax’s cashless payment system is a safe investment at any time, for any unattended machine.

Any machine can  use VPOS and the rewards are great!VPOS is an easy plug and play device that transforms your machines and your operation, leading to increased sales potential.

No longer will you be limited to accepting only cash payments for your products or services. Nayax allows you to provide multiple cash payments via contact, contactless and swipe transactions.

And Nayax is a safe investment on its own terms. Nayax uses the latest protocol standards, and tracks payment trends to implement into its payment technology. This preparation ensures that when your territory starts accepting newer payment solutions. Whether it be payments via mobile apps like Apple Pay of Samsung Pay, or QR scans via Wechat Pay or Ali Pay, Nayax has your back!

Bring your older vending machines into the future for a safe investment – integrate Nayax’s cashless payment solution today!