Accepting cashless payments on your ice cream vending machines can provide operators with more selling opportunities and boost your sales

There’s nothing like an ice cream or popsicle on a hot summer’s day. Now thanks to advanced frozen food vending machine technology, ice cream can also be bought impulsively from a vending machine. With 24/7 availability, consumers can indulge in cold frozen food items like gelato, popsicles and ice cream any time they like. Consumers can also treat themselves to fresh ingredients items like soft serve ice cream, smoothies or frozen yogurt, all for sale at cold food vending machines.

These sorts of purchases are quick, convenient and should cater to any person passing by your ice cream or smoothie vending machine. That’s why your vending machine should provide cashless payments to people who don’t carry or use cash. Nayax’s cashless solutions take advantage of impulse shopping, boosting your sales and futureproofing your vending machine for the emerging cashless society.

credit card solution for frozen food vending machines and ice cream vending machines
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Go beyond cashless payments with Nayax’s vending solutions

When you fit a cashless payment solution on your ice cream vending machine you gain access to telemetry, a back-end management system, and consumer engagement tools

Operator benefits

Boost sales opportunities

  • More payment methods for an increase in sales – when you provide multiple payment methods for your consumers to pay with, your sales will increase.
  • Marketing tools for consumer engagement – gain repeat business with loyalty. Offer digital loyalty cards, discounts, happy hours and other customizable promotions.

Smarter processes

  • Insights with daily reports – view and receive customizable sales reports.
  • Business transparency maintain a complete picture of what is happening in your business. 
  • Real-time warnings – receive alerts in real time if any operational issues happen such as low inventory warnings, if the temperature rises or the plug is pulled out of the socket.
  • Retrofittable card readers – Nayax devices work with older machines, and can be fitted to work alongside existing coin mechanisms and bill validators.
  • Price flexibility – set different prices for different payment methods.
  • Identify customer preferences – discover which products are moving fastest and which products hardly sell.  

Special vending features

  • Everything can be done remotelycomplete a sale from any location with remote vends. Change prices from far and provide a consumer a refund with remote refunds.
  • Machine alert system – receive warnings when products are close to selling out, doors aren’t closing properly or if there are empty bins.
  • Pre-kitting – pack your van quickly using picklists, and save on operational costs like fuel, labor and also save stock from being taken out of the warehouse unnecessarily.
  • Save stock with temperature change alerts prevent frozen treats from spoiling or fresh ingredients from going off with alerts that warn you if the temperature rises or the cold food vending machine gets unplugged.
  • Open door alerts – receive alerts if the door has not been closed properly and save frozen foods from melting.
  • Mobile management app – when in the field use Nayax’s mobile management app, MoMa, to complete vending tasks or check on the status of your ice cream vending machines.

More efficient operations

  • Remote management saves you time – Nayax’s software enables you to manage machine attributes remotely.
  • Better inventory management – create picklists, track cash collections and restock faster with pre-kitting, stopping you from transporting unnecessary products to machine sites.
  • Less cash handling – reduce the amount of time you spend on cash tasks like replacing coin tubes or counting cash.
  • Fewer site visits – save time by monitoring your machine’s health from afar and save money on unnecessary site visits.  

Provide the best customer experience

  • Faster transaction time – provide extra convenience for your consumers.
  • Complements cash – Nayax allows you to offer both cash and cashless payments, increasing your revenue opportunities.
  • Offers local currency – Offer your products in the local currency. Nayax POS devices can be set to one of 26 currency options.
  • Suitable for all nationalities – perfect for tourists and travelers, who won’t need to exchange cash.

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