Cashless payments for snack and drink vending machines


Leading the way in creating a cashless society

These days fewer people carry and use cash while Generation Z is more comfortable using digital solutions to pay for services and products. Cashless payments are not the future, they’re the present.

When you add one of Nayax’s cashless solutions offering an array of cashless possibilities you’ll see an increase in consumers, and up to 25% increase in revenue.  Operators also gain the ability to offer loyalty campaigns, increase consumer interaction and reduce their cash handling costs.


Multiple payment methods: By adding cashless transaction technology operators offer consumers a more convenient way to pay, including:

Credit cards and debit cards – contact & contactless

Prepaid cards for prepaid environments such as office, university and workplaces

Mobile payments and bank wallets

QR code payment apps

NFC mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Pay or Nayax’s own Monyx Wallet

Nayax is more than a cashless card reader. We’re now also a licensed payment institution in Europe

Nayax is a pioneer in the cashless payment industry and we continue to develop new features and integrate new payment service providers all the time. As a global player we seek to offer the most used and secure payment solutions in every country we operate.


The advantages our cashless payment system brings you


Most people have stopped carrying cash while Generation Z is mostly using mobile payments. Don’t miss out on any sales when you offer cashless payments and increase your overall sales.


Spend less time collecting and counting cash, less time replacing coin tub and take fewer trips to the bank. Instead you can focus on other aspects of your business.


An all-encompassing processing fee, which includes bank interaction, terminal fees, interchange fees, acquirer processing fees, merchant account fees, and chargebacks.


Using cashless payments, you don’t have to think about round numbers when you choose the price, allowing you to make more money.


Cashless payments offer the consumer the benefit of a quick transaction, no need to search for change or even a wallet when it comes to mobile payments. Running for the train? There’s still time to make a purchase.


With Nayax you can easily access your sales reports and transaction history, allowing you to know the status of your sales as the month progresses.


Accepts all well-known global and local payment providers. Consumers can pay with contact & contactless credit/debit cards with EMV certification, QR code payment apps, and bank & wallet apps.


Offer e-receipts via a branded website – for consumers to track their purchases

Works with 40 banks and billing gateways

Accepts all credit card brands under one global bank agreement

Enables instant refunds

Accepts 26 currencies

Dynamic pricing – allows operators to pass the convenience fee along to the consumer (in countries where legally permissible)


Nayax’s cashless vending solutions are not Nayax’s only market. Cashless payments can be made anywhere there is an unattended automated machine.

Nayax’s cashless payments solutions can enhance sales and increase the bottom line of any machine. Kiddie ride at the shopping mall? Electric vehicle charging station? Massage chair? Car wash, laundromat, prize machine, personal lockers and, of course, the well-known snack and drink vending machines or coffee machines.

Nayax also has a complete prepaid solution for closed loop systems like offices, hospitals, or universities.


Considering adding cashless payments to your business and have questions? Check out our FAQs.

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Why offer cashless payments?

Nayax’s Cashless payment solutions offer you the opportunity to appeal to more consumers’ payment preferences. Not every potential consumer who comes to your machine has cash, and we don’t want you to miss a sale. By offering your customer cashless payments, you allow them to buy an item using most credit or debit cards, mobile wallet apps or QR codes. This provides convenience and security, which in turn leads to higher revenue for you.

What kind of cashless payments are accepted?

  • Credit / Debit cards
  • Mobile, SMS, and NFC payments
  • Prepaid cards, closed environment
  • Swipe, contact (insert), and contactless
  • Mobile wallet apps and QR codes

How do you prevent fraudulent purchases?

Nayax’s cashless payment solution includes an anti-fraud threshold that you can set to ensure maximum transaction safety.

How do I know if my machine is compatible?

Nayax’s cashless payment solutions are easy to install, simple to use, and compatible with all automated machine and standard protocols. Check out some of the machine manufacturers we already work with.

What about technology updates?

Software updates are available remotely, so you can enjoy the latest features and fixes without needing to visit each machine.

Are cashless payments safe and secure?

Nayax Cashless payment solutions meet the highest industry standards and are fully certified by the top institutions and meet regulatory compliance, including EMVCo (level 1 and 2), CE, FCC, RoHS, Mastercard PayPass, Visa payWave, and PCI DSS.

What about chargebacks?

Nayax handles chargebacks remotely, without the hassle of contacting the issuer.

What if the customer needs a refund?

Nayax can issue automated, remote refunds to the consumer, via Nayax’s Monyx Wallet mobile app.

What fees are involved with a cashless payment solution?

Nayax’s monthly fee is all-inclusive. It covers bank interaction, terminal fees, interchange fees, acquire processing fees, and merchant account fees.


The story of Pure Gym in the UK illustrates the difference Nayax’s cashless vending solutions make to operators and consumers. Pure Gym wanted to explore the possibility of offering different payment methods on their premises.

“When you go to the gym you don’t want to be carrying lots of cash around with you. Apart from the question of security, these days we have come to depend on the convenience of cards” GVS National Account Manager Pat Gibney points out.

Pure Gym began working with Nayax and within a month all the new cashless vending machines were supplied and installed, and the existing 100 machines were retrofitted with cashless payment capability.

Lewis Zimbler, Operations Director at Nayax UK, worked closely with Pure Gym and GVS to deliver the solution:

“The project was a great success. Our Nayax Cashless Payment solution is designed to combine financial services with the latest technology so that vendors can benefit from cashless vending systems without being concerned with merchant accounts or data security.

Not only does the cashless system make life easier for Pure Gym customers who have forgotten to bring cash, but it also facilitates more sales because their spend is not limited by the amount they have in their pocket. As a result, since the introducing the cashless payment system, there has been a significant uplift in sales.”

Pure Gym was delighted with the cashless vending solution and continues to roll it out with every new gym they open.


Norway is one of the global leaders in cashless payments, with cash only being used in 5% of Norwegian transactions. It’s also a country where you often need to pay to use the restroom in public spheres like transportation stations.

One of these pay restrooms located in Oslo’s Central train station, a location that sees traffic of 150,000 travelers daily sought to decrease its coin transactions and promote more cashless payments.

In 2016, EMV regulation changed, lengthening transaction speed to 20 seconds, causing delays, complaints, and many customers opting to use cash to avoid lengthy transaction times.

Reduced transaction time

To address this issue, the Nayax team developed more advanced communication features to reduce the transaction time. With this fix the number of consumers who can enter the restrooms per minute increased. Consumers were also provided a better restroom experience. With Nayax’s solution implemented, cash transactions were now recorded and there was also a high volume of customers paying through credit cards, as well as a noted increase in overall traffic.

The restroom operators were very happy with Nayax’s customer service. “I am very satisfied with the Nayax system. We are also very satisfied with the support and customer service that EBS (Nayax’s distributor in Norway and Finland) provides us. Our expectations for the future is still high volume of transactions because of the high number of visitors. We use Nayax’s Management Suite to handle different reports and check machine status” says Berit Urianstad, manager of Rom Eiendom (a subsidiary of Norwegian State Railways).

Statistics for one restroom:

In 2016 there was a 56% increase in cashless sales, and in 2017 there was a 38% increase in cashless sales and a 14% growth in cash transactions.

Credit Card and Cashless Solutions for Vending Machines


As a vending machine operator, we don’t want you to miss a single sale at any of your locations. By installing Nayax’s cashless payment solution for vending machines, you will be sure to get every customer, even when they have no pocket change.


Nayax’s VPOS card reader providing cashless payment solution for an egg vending machine in the Czech Republic.

Nayax’s cashless payment solution opens new opportunities for artists and vending operators in the UK.

Nayax provides cashless payment solutions for Aruba Vending in Pakistan.

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