Monyx Wallet

Nayax's Monyx Wallet consumer engagement app for digital loyalty programs, punch cards and discounts

Monyx Wallet


An app for paying at unattended machines

Monyx Wallet enables Nayax operators to introduce consumer engagement into their operations. With cashless payments, you futureproof your business and offer convenience to the customer with the option to pay with an app. Monyx Wallet’s digital loyalty programs help you increase engagement with a variety of consumer rewards. Marketing campaigns like punch cards or employee discounts are easy to track and help you convert one-time consumers into regular customers, boosting your sales.

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Increase your repeat business

Loyalty programs encourage customer loyalty and help operators of unattended machines connect with their consumers. Monyx Wallet is the app to help you change a one-time consumer into a repeat customer.

Digitize the refund process

Safe yourself a lot of hassle and reduce the operational cost of refunds by digitizing your refund process.

Enrich the customer experience

Convenience – No need for cash when consumers can pay with their phones.

Multiple cashless payment methods – A consumer can pay with their choice of a credit/debit card or a prepaid card, and if they don’t have a physical card, they can use Google Pay or PayPal.

Track spending – With an easy-to-access purchase history consumers can track the items they’ve bought.

Save money – Customers save money with discounts, punch cards, bonus credit and cashback.

Punch cards

Nayax's consumer payment app Monyx Wallet features digital punch cards

Free product given after purchasing certain number of items

Bonus credit

Nayax's consumer payment app Monyx Wallet gives consumers extra credit when they upload credit

Customers gain extra credit when they upload credit


Monyx Wallet, Nayax's digital loyalty app, gives consumers cashback when they shake the app

Cashback when shaking the app

Track purchases

Monyx Wallet, digital loyalty and payment app allows consumers to track their spending history

See a list of items purchased and which payment methods were used

Easy to manage

Campaigns can be easily managed from Nayax’s Management Suite. You only need to select the type of campaign, customize the details, and then you can monitor the progress.

Easy to market

The types of promotions include punch cards, discounts and happy hours, which are all easy to market to consumers.

Prepaid management for closed loop systems

Employee cards and other membership cards can easily be integrated with Monyx Wallet with virtual prepaid cards. This way you can offer discounts and other promotions for closed loop systems.

Suitable for all machine types

Monyx Wallet works with vending machines and office coffee services. It’s also compatible with pulse machines – laundromats, amusement & kiddie rides, car washes and many other machines.

Partner with Nayax and Monyx wallet

Add payment capabilities to your app

Consumers can pay at machine with Nayax payment device with your app

Increase consumer engagement

Add digital punch cards, discounts, gamification, happy hours and other special promotions

Offer exclusive promotions

Assign special prices for different segments such as staff discounts

Diverse applications

Perfect for consumer brands or corporations. Suitable for universities, airports, hospitals and other locations with consumer apps.

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