Integrating cashless solutions into office coffee machines.

Since it seems like the world runs on coffee, workplace coffee machines are found in most work environments. Businesses often opt for office coffee services, providing quality coffee and other hot drinks in the workplace. Nayax’s cashless business coffee solution can be fitted onto most office coffee systems, making this perk accessible to all potential users, workers and visitors alike, all the time.

Nayax’s complete cashless solution helps you manage office coffee machines, your consumers, and improves supply chain management.

Credit card solution for office coffee services and office coffee machines
Nayax solutions offer solutions for cashless vending with the Onyx and VPOS Touch payment devices - introduce contactless payments, mobile payments, credit and debit cards, QR codes and prepaid cards for higher sales volume.

Nayax’s cashless solutions make coffee services for offices & businesses more productive:

  • Efficient coffee provision
  • Good customer service
  • Satisfied consumers
  • Remote management
  • Better machine performance
  • Enhanced inventory management
  • Efficient stock replenishment
  • Supports CCI protocol

Prepaid coffee solution

With Nayax card readers, operators with workplace coffee machines can receive both prepaid and open payments. Employees can use their prepaid cards or employee cards to pay for their drink of choice, while visitors can pay with credit cards, mobile apps or QR codes. Offering more payment methods opens your coffee sales opportunities up to a larger market.

cashless payment system for office coffee machines, office coffee services & vending coffee machines

Benefits of cashless coffee services

Benefits for facility managers & office coffee service providers 

Nayax can provide solutions that improve the way you operate for the better.

Remotely monitor machine performance – keep an eye on the activity of a fleet of machines without having to examine your office coffee machines in person and save on maintenance costs.

Improve supply chain management – facility managers can use telemetry to see when coffee supply levels are low, and new stock can be ordered before supplies run out.

Accurate billing information – create customizable daily, weekly or monthly reports on consumption rates and transactions.

Instant error warnings – set up customizable alerts for real-time adverse operational events, allowing you to attend to issues as they happen.

Supports CCI protocol – no expensive MDB converter is needed.

Consumer insights – boost sales by discovering drink preferences and understanding which beverages are bestsellers.

Prepaid top-up option – consumers can top up prepaid credit via a branded website or a card reader, giving operators more opportunities to receive revenue.

Offer loyalty programs – encourage repeat business with loyalty programs. Operators can use Nayax’s marketing tools to create and manage consumer engagement campaigns such as discounts or product sales to trigger repeat business.

Prepaid management – create specials like happy hours and offer discounts for different card types.

Benefits for employees

Cashless payments for coffee machines

Offer workers quality coffee, for both your and their convenience.

Saves time & money – employees no longer need to leave the office to enjoy a quality beverage of their choice. Whether the service is offered for free or charged, introducing a cashless solution into a workplace can save staff money.

Boosts productivity – improve staff morale by starting employees’ days off to the right start or offering workers an afternoon pick-me-up.

First rate coffee – gift employees with craft coffees and other quality drinks.

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