Nayax's complete cashless payment solution offers credit card payments for transport ticketing along contactless, QR codes, prepaid cards and mobile payments.
Increase your sales and the productivity of your unattended transportation ticket machines.

Nayax’s complete cashless payment solutions make commuting faster and more accessible, while providing a host of streamlining benefits for business operators.

Travelers don’t want to spend too much time at the self-service ticket machine. They’d rather be on their way, whether it be to work, home or fun. Cashless payments make transport more accessible and speed up the transaction time.

Nayax’s solution can be fitted onto metro or train ticket machines, shortening the time it takes to buy a ticket and ensuring travelers don’t miss their connection. Introducing cashless payments offers commuters a choice of cashless payments including credit/debit cards, mobile wallet apps and QR codes.


Advantages of cashless self-service ticket machines

Nayax’s plug & play card readers can easily be fitted onto self-service ticket machines. Cashless payment acceptance integrates well with existing cash payment options like coin mechanisms and bill validators.

Accepts multiple payment methods

Our card readers give consumers multiple payment choices that enable those who don’t carry cash to complete transactions. These include credit/debit cards, mobile apps and QR codes.

Remote management

Nayax’s card readers go beyond cashless payments, enabling operators to control machine attributes without needing to visit ticket machines in person.

Real-time alerts

Operators can receive customizable warnings, preventing potential revenue loss. These smart alerts notify you if anything gets unplugged or stops working as it happens, allowing you to deal with adverse events in real time.

Daily reports

Receive daily sales reports to stay informed of how your business is doing. Customize the reports for easy viewing of the data relevant for your needs.

Operator benefits

 Adding cashless payments gives operators more than sales benefits.
It can also improve operational aspects of your self-service ticket machine business.

Boost to business

Faster transaction times will see more commuters opting for cashless payments, facilitating a larger number of commuters, and increased revenue. Operators who add cashless payments to their metro & train ticket machines have seen sales increase by up to 30%.

Price flexibility

Adding cashless payments gives you the flexibility to change the price easily. Operators are no longer limited to coin denominations when they decide on the rates they will charge for transport tickets.

Track sales

Operators can keep up-to-date with their transport ticket business by tracking sales and user behavior, either via a management software like Nayax’s mobile management app MoMa, or via reports received daily in their inbox. This is all thanks to Nayax’s telemetry and reporting capabilities.

Less cash handling

With cashless payments you will find yourself spending less time occupied with cash activities, increasing your business’ productivity. Reducing the number of hours spent collecting cash, counting and recounting coins, or visiting the bank to a minimum, makes your operation much more efficient.

Business transparency

With accurate data, real time connectivity, and Nayax’s management system you can get a comprehensive look at how your train ticket machine business is doing at any time.

Fewer site visits

With the ability to monitor your train ticket machine’s connectivity remotely, you won’t need to make as many in-person site visits.

Cash accountability

Nayax’s cashless solution complements cash so that you can offer the widest range of payment methods. Introducing cashless payments will also introduce reporting capabilities, which helps you attain cash accountability.