Adding cashless payments to vending massage chairs increases sales & provides
your business with telemetry, remote management and other benefits
that will change how you operate

Credit Card solution for Pulse Machines and massage chairs

Cashless Solution for Vending Massage Chair

Increase the sales of your vending massage chair business with cashless payments.

Having a chair massage should be a relaxing experience for any pedestrian, and a welcoming one. Whether they’re a tired shopper or traveler at an airport, adding cashless payment options to your vending massage chair opens your business to a larger market, providing consumers payment choices that are convenient and part of their everyday lives. Furthermore, cashless payments can increase your sales by up to 30% and decrease the amount of time you spend on cash handling activities.


Features of Cashless Vending Massage Chair

Retrofittable, plug & play card reader

Accepts multiple cashless payment methods

Offer cash and see cash accountability

Telemetry, remote connectivity & remote management

Smart tools like real-time alerts & daily reports


Massage chair business operator benefits

With Nayax your massage chair business receives more than a card reader. Our cashless solution offers other benefits and insights that will make your massage chair operations more productive.

Cashless payments increase sales

Give your consumers more payment options and your sales will rise. Forget coin operated massage chairs. Giving consumers the freedom to pay how they like encourages getting unplanned massages with massage vending chairs. Introduce multiple cashless payment methods with Nayax’s card readers, including credit/debit cards, mobile apps and QR codes.

Improves your overall operations

Adding a card reader with telemetry and management software will save you time. With a remote machine control, fewer onsite visits to your fleet of vending massage chairs will be needed. Cash accountability will help reduce the amount of time you spend on cash handling activities, like collecting or counting cash. Additionally, with sales reports and BI abilities, you will have more business transparency and a greater understanding of how your business is doing.

Nurture loyalty with consumer engagement tools

Encouraging repeat visitors to your automatic massage chair can lead to increased revenue.
Operators can use Nayax’s marketing campaigns to nurture loyal customers. Make it worth your customers’ while to return to your vending massage chair when you offer loyalty programs, discounts and other promotions, which can all be managed with Nayax’s Management Suite software.

More features for massage chair businesses

Adverse event alert system

Customizable real time alerts can be set up, notifying operators about adverse machine events in real time, enabling you to deal with issues as they happen and prevent potential revenue loss.

Price flexibility

You can change how much you charge for your chair massages from management system and don’t need to think about coin denominations when setting the price.

Insights with daily reports

Receive customizable reports to see how your massage chair business is faring as the month progresses.

Accepts prepaid cards

Prepaid solutions allow you to place a vending massage chair in a closed environment, opening up your massage chair business to an even wider market.

Remote management

Operators can control the payment device without needing to visit machine in person and you can keep track of connectivity wherever they are.

Suitable for international travelers

Appeal to everyone including tourists and visitors from other countries, who can easily have a massage without needing to worry about buying another currency in cash.

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