Introduce cashless payments into your vending operations for increased sales opportunities

With vending machines, retail can be a 24/7 business. Advancements in vending machine technology give consumers the option to sip a cold drink or nibble on a snack wherever they are, even if there are no shops close by. Consumers can pay quickly and conveniently when you introduce cashless payments with cashless vending systems. Widen your market to more sales opportunities and gain more revenue – cashless payments can increase your sales by as much as 30%.

cashless payment solution for snacks and drinks vending machine
cashless payment device for unattended machines, vending machines, kiosks, pulse machines & more

Compete with the retail store next door with Nayax’s complete vending solution. Give your consumers a richer sales experience and transform your unattended vending machine into a retail store, featuring loyalty programs, sales, discounts, and other marketing campaigns.

Benefits for food & drink vending machine operators

Tools to increase sales volume

  • More payment methods, more sales – provide consumers with multiple payment methods and increase your sales.
  • Consumer engagement tools – nurture loyalty when you offer digital loyalty card discounts and happy hour promotions.

Smarter processes

  • Insights with daily reports – receive customizable transaction and sales reports.
  • Business transparency – always have a full picture of what’s happening in your business.
  • Retrofit-table POS terminals – works with older machines, and can be installed with existing coin mechanisms and bill validators.
  • Real-time alerts – receive notifications in real time if any operational issues occur such as if there is low inventory or the machine’s plug is pulled out of the socket.
  • Understand customer preferences – learn which products sell best.
  • Price flexibility – set different prices for different payment methods.

Smoother Operations

  • Save time with remote management – manage machine attributes from any location.
  • Reduce site visits – monitoring machine health from afar can save you time and money on unnecessary site visits.
  • Better inventory management – create picklists, track cash collections and restock easily with pre-kitting, saving you from hauling unnecessary stock sites to machine.
  • Less cash handling – spend less time with cash tasks like replacing coin tubes or counting cash.

Better customer experience

  • Speed up transaction time – provides extra convenience for consumers.
  • Complements cash – offer both cash and cashless payment options and increase revenue.
  • Local currency – Offer your products in a local currency. Nayax devices can be set to one of 26 different currency options.
  • For all nationalities – ideal for tourists and travelers, with no need to exchange cash.

Unique vending solution features

  • Do everything remotely – complete a sale remotely with remote vends, change prices remotely, and provide a consumer a refund with remote refunds.
  • Complete alert system – receive warnings when products are close to selling out, if there are empty bins, or if doors aren’t closed properly.
  • Save stock – prevent food items from spoiling with alerts if the machine temperatures rise or the machine gets unplugged.
  • Pre-kitting – restock your van faster when you use a picklist, saving on operational costs such as fuel costs, labor costs and stock being taken out of the warehouse unnecessarily.
  • Mobile management app – use MoMa, Nayax’s mobile management app, to complete vending tasks on the road or check up on your vending machines’ status.

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