Introduce Cashless Payments, Telemetry and Remote Management Capabilities Into Your Pulse Machine

As the world becomes increasingly cashless, more consumers are getting accustomed to making payments with credit cards, QR codes or their mobile phones. When it comes to unattended pulse machines, this shouldn’t be an exception. Kiddie ride machines can also enjoy the profits that cashless payments bring. With Nayax’s cashless payments installed on your machine, consumers no longer need to scratch around in their pockets or purses to find change to pay for a ride.

Kiddie and amusement ride credit card reader for more cashless payment options, perfect solution for pulse machines.


Better than coin operated kiddie rides

Nayax solutions offer solutions for cashless vending with the Onyx and VPOS Touch payment devices - introduce contactless payments, mobile payments, credit and debit cards, QR codes and prepaid cards for higher sales volume.

Pulse compatible

Suitable for pulse machines – developed to work with pulse machines including a counter, increments for multi-pricing and count-up mode (delta time).

Easy machine integration – a plug n’ play solution that can be retrofitted on any kiddie ride.

Smart Tools

Remote management – monitor transactions remotely, track usage and manage machine activity from any location.

Smart alerts – receive alerts regarding operational issues, sent in real-time via text message or email, preventing revenue loss.

Prize level notifications – receive updates about the number of prizes dispensed.


Nayax is more than a card reader. With Nayax, coin operated rides will be a thing of the past. Our solution provides a complete solution to unattended machines, improving the transaction experience for operator and consumers alike. Operators will also benefit from powerful telemetric and management capabilities.

Boost Sales

Increase revenue opportunities – offer a large range of cashless payment choices to increase sales opportunities.

More payment options – offer consumers popular cashless payment options to encourage them to take more rides.

Impulse shopping – capitalize on impulsive behavior and increase the number of rides ridden per day.

Better Operations

Fewer site visits – remotely overviewing sales activities means less time is spent visiting each machine in person.

Reduces cash handling – spend less time counting and transporting cash.

Insights with daily reports – learn more about consumers and how sales are doing as they occur daily, weekly and monthly with customizable sales reports.

Improved Customer Experience

Convenience for consumer – user-friendly card reader, designed for easy navigation with vocal prompts.

More choice – with more payment methods consumers are given multiple ways to engage with, and pay for, your entertainment machines.

Reward consumers with discounts and promotions – let consumers enjoy discounts and other loyalty benefits with consumer engagement campaigns to build relationships and encourage repeat business.

Nayax cashless payment device and credit card reader for pulse machines including kiddie rides.

Introducing the Marketing, Loyalty & Consumer Engagement platform

Studies show that Generation Z prefer using cashless payments and digital payment apps, which they will join loyalty and reward programs in order to gain discounts. Loyalty incentivizes consumers to spend more money, more often and repeat business can help operators increase their sales, creating a steady revenue stream.

Monyx Wallet – Nayax’s payment app, Monyx Wallet, allows operators to offer consumers discounts, sales and promotions via their mobile phones.

Customizable campaigns – create a campaign that offers rewards and encourage your consumers to take more rides or play more games.

Branding opportunities – Monyx Wallet also gives operators a chance to brand their loyalty programs and can play a more prominent role in driving repeat riders.

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