Sistema de Tarjetas de Crédito para Máquinas Expendedoras




Vending machines offer a unique point of sale, as an unattended, automated machine, and the best way to make the most of these sales opportunities is to make sure that you can accept as many forms of payment as possible.  Nayax’s solution for accepting cashless payments at vending machine encompasses many forms of payment, and perhaps the most common, is payment via credit card or debit card.  These purchases are usually considered microtransactions, as they are relatively quite small.  All of the financial clearing and processing is handled by Nayax, and the cashless credit card solution can be fully integrated with a telemetry system and a business management suite.


The application of Nayax’s cashless credit card payment solutions is only limited by your imagination.  All automated, unattended machines can be fitted with the card reader and telemetry system, creating a full payment solution that includes remote monitoring of your machines and management from afar.

Where have we already seen great success with our credit card payment solutions for vending machines? With Nayax’s cashless credit card payment solutions, credit card payments can be used anywhere and everywhere that there is an unattended automated machine, such as at malls, in arcades, amusement parks, hospitals, universities, work places, mass transit stations, laundromats, carwashes, gas stations and more.

What kinds of machines? Machines for snacks and drinks, coffee, ice cream, kiddy and amusement rides, massage chairs, paid public bathrooms entrances, car wash stalls, prize machines, recycling and donations (reverse vending), pulse machines, PC based machines, air/vac machines for autos, transportation ticket dispensers, photo booths, and electric vehicle charging stations, just to name a few!  Don’t see here your vertical here?  Let us know what kind of machine you have, and chances are we have installed a Nayax credit card reader and cashless payment solution just like it.


En estos tiempos en los que la gente viaja más y lleva menos dinero en efectivo, ofrecer pagos con tarjeta de crédito en las máquinas expendedoras es un factor clave para asegurarse de que no se pierda una sola venta.

Make your products available to everyone, anytime

Travelers without the local currency can still purchase from your vending machine

Increased sales by offering flexible payment options

Fast transactions

Automated, remote refunds in the case a product isn’t vended correctly

Lower operating costs

Increased revenue accountability

Reduce risk of lost cash