Introducing Healthy Food Options into the Vending Machine Product Mix

Introducing Healthy Food Options into the Vending Machine Product Mix

When you think of vending machines your mind probably goes to junk food. Items like sodas, chips, chocolates, all loaded with sugar, fat, salt, carbs and other dubious ingredients. But less healthy food choices don’t have to continue to dominate. People are becoming increasingly aware of their lifestyle choices: health and wellness are in and profitable. And the growth in organic and healthy food is explosive.

Vending machines and micro markets can offer healthy food options

Many workplaces are not located near restaurants or shops. If a worker feels like a nutritious snack or forgot their lunch, the vending machine might be their only option.

Thank technology

In the past, offering less processed food in vending machines was unheard of. Fresh food would spoil without frequent inspection. If an operator had many machines in several locations it wasn’t feasible to oversee all the machines. Since then vending machine capabilities have advanced. Due to the development of telemetry, Nayax is able to help you keep your eye on your machines from afar. With the ability to monitor your machines remotely and with temperature variance, over processed foods don’t have to dominate and fresh healthy food choices can be introduced.

Real-time alerts prevent wastage

Stay in the loop with Nayax’s real-time notifications. Operators can receive alerts to their phones or email any time unusual activities occur, such as the machine temperature changing or if the power gets unplugged. These alerts can be beneficial as operators can send maintenance staff to take care of the issue and prevent fresh food from spoiling unnecessarily.

Fruit and sandwiches are some of the healthy foods vending machines can sell

Healthy foods that can be offered in vending machines include salads, sandwiches, fruit, nuts,  fresh juices, and protein bars.

Increased sales

Introducing healthy options to your vending machines or micro markets can widen your market and boost sales. A study in Chicago found that when healthy food options were introduced there was a steady increase in vending machine monthly sales. Within 14 months, monthly sales went from $84 to $371 per machine.

Like all product mixes, some healthy foods are more popular than others. Use Nayax’s Management Suite to find out which products are selling most and play around with retail pricing tricks, to increase your revenue.

Healthy eating continues to inform consumers lives and doesn’t appear to be a passing phase, and you can capitalize from this trend. In the unattended machine market, Nayax’s complete cashless solution can help you offer your consumers the healthy foods they enjoy, while you enjoy the profits.