Increase your revenue with cashless payments

Number one reason to include cashless payments? Increased revenue!

Looking for reasons to include cashless payments to your unattended machine? The benefits are obvious with cashless payments – increased revenue! Adding Nayax’s VPOS reader to your unattended, automated machine can bring in anywhere from 10-50% increased revenue. Consumers are becoming more and more comfortable with cashless payments, and leaving their cash at home (or in the bank!). Therefore, it makes sense to provide a multiple payment methods, including cashless payment solutions, on your machines.

Which cashless payments does Nayax support?

  • Credit / Debit cards
  • Mobile, SMS, and NFC payments
  • Prepaid cards, closed environment
  • Swipe, contact (insert), and contactless

The use of Nayax’s cashless payment solution is applicable to any number of unattended, automated verticals. Large and small operators can benefit from Nayax’s cashless solution, whether you operate vending machines, laundromats, photo booths, car washes, kiddie rides and other amusement games, charge kiosks (EV and device), just to name a few.

Many unattended transactions are impulse buys (for example: a child sees a kiddie ride at the mall; a passenger is standing on a platform waiting for a delayed train). If you don’t have a cashless payment solution, you risk losing that impulse sale completely.

Also, cashless payments increase convenience for consumers. If you don’t have this payment method available, you increase the likelihood of a potential consumer turning to a competitor and begin using them, due to the convenience available to them by multiple payment options. Just see this testimonial from a customer in Australia at the Indooroorpilly Laundromat:

Customer testimonial for cashless payments at Indooroopilly Laundromat in AustraliaEnsure that you’re offering consumers what they want – your products and services are just the beginning of the chain. Make sure that the payment methods available to all include the convenience of cashless payments, so that consumers can pay how they prefer.