Vending Machine Inventory Management Made Easy with Nayax

Nayax makes vending machine inventory management easy

If you’re an operator of vending machines, you are always looking for ways to make your business run more efficiently. Efficient inventory management is one of a vending machine operator’s top concerns, especially if you have a large fleet of machines. Nayax is not just a provider of cashless payment devices, but an all-round solution provider, and has developed technology that makes vending machine inventory management easy.

Save time with picklists & pre-kitting

As an operator, a daily challenge you might encounter is time and products are wasted when it comes to stocking machines. Time is wasted guessing what products to pack, at the machine figuring out what products are missing, and products themselves can be wasted if they are hauled to different locations unnecessarily when only a handful of products need replenishing. With Nayax’s management software, NayaxVend, operators and stock managers can access and download customizable picklists, which can help with pre-kitting at the warehouse.

When you know exactly what products to take with, machine stockers won’t need to haul unnecessary stock to far off locations, and risk stock being spoiled. Knowing exactly which products are missing also saves staff time when they’re at a vending machine. They can simply look at the product map and unpack the products from a kit.

Nayax offers improved vending machine inventory management

Nayax provides you with ways to improve your vending machine inventory management

Smart alerts let you know when inventory is low

When you have a business with machines in many different locations, it can be difficult to keep tabs on each machine’s exact inventory status. Traveling to each location to verify its status can become impractical, and expensive, when you have a large fleet of machines.

To counter this challenge, operators can take advantage of Nayax’s smart alerts, which send notifications via text message or email in real time. These alerts let an operator know whether a particular product is running low. Alert thresholds can be set up and customized from NayaxVend, Nayax’s software management, so operators only receive the notifications that they believe are relevant.

Additionally, alerts can inform you if a nearby machine that isn’t on a driver’s route is experiencing low stock levels and this can be addressed before the product runs out.

An app for better productivity on the road

Having management software has many benefits for operators, making your daily operations easier and more streamlined. Giving your employees access to this software can enable them to do a better, quicker job. However, NayaxVend contains a lot of sensitive and financial data that you might not want your employees seeing.

One way to address this is by defining what staff can view in the software. Alternatively you can encourage them to download and use MoMa, a Nayax app developed for on-the-go management. This app gives employees access to the information they need when in the field, helping them take advantage of all of Nayax’s inventory management features without compromising your privacy.

Nayax improves your operations

Nayax’s cashless payment solutions are rich in features that enhance your operations and make your inventory management more efficient as well as easy. If you want an inventory management system developed to make your vending machines operations run better, contact Nayax. We’ll help you achieve it.