Nayax Makes Prepaid Payments Easy for Operators

Prepaid cards come in several forms –

  • ID card or key fobs for employees, students, residents at their place of business, study or residence
  • Loyalty cards that are distributed (free or for a small fee) to consumers

These cards or fobs can be used for entering a building, tracking attendance and, for absolute convenience, payment for purchase of product or services.

With the use of Nayax, any unattended device can accept payment via any prepaid card.

Employees, Students and Residents Can Benefit from Discount Pricing 

So how does Nayax embrace the use of these cards?

With the use of prepaid cards, an operator or facility manager can provide subsidized pricing. Users can then receive discounts for using their employee, student or ID cards, while visitors can be charged the full price when paying with a regular credit card, cash or via mobile payment. These subsidies encourage purchases from an operator’s largest potential customer base.

Prepaid cards can be used with Nayax's cashless payment system in closed environment

An airport in Spain is a mixed open/closed environment –
with tourists using credit cards and employees using prepaid cards

Alternatively, operators using loyalty cards strengthen brand awareness, enhance consumer engagement and promote repeat purchases. By providing discounts to users with loyalty cards, operators encourage return visits which results in increased sales.

Prepaid cards allow operators to offer multiple sales and discounts based on times / dates / card type.

Save Time with Nayax

Nayax’s Management Suite provides operators and facility managers the ability to easily upload an entire batch of cards to the server. Once these cards are in use, users can use their card or fob regularly.

Nayax also has developed a unique feature that allows the creation and upload of cards to the system when a user performs their first transaction. This reduces operational costs and initial prepaid card setup time.

Prepaid cards are used in student resident laundromat in UK

Prepaid cards are used in student resident laundromat in UK

Additional Benefits with Prepaid

In addition, users can easily reload their cards, either directly at the machine with cash or credit card, uploading their card to Nayax’s Monyx Wallet app or at a white-labeled website offered by Nayax.

Interested in implementing a prepaid system within your facility for cashless payments? Looking to reward your employees and provide them with discounts using their employee, resident or student cards? Get started with Nayax today!