Enabling prepaid card payment solutions

Stand-alone machines in both open and closed environments can use Nayax’s cashless, prepaid payment solution. Do you know the difference?

Open Environments

The term open environment is used when an unattended device is in a public area. This might be on the street, in a mall, in a public business like a gym, or lobby of an office building. A Nayax device can be configured to accept any number of cashless payment transactions. This could include payments via credit/debit cards, mobile payment and bank apps, text or QR scans.

Closed environments

The definition of a closed environment would be one that has no interaction with its external environment. For payment purposes, a closed environment is typically within a facility such as a place of business, hospital, or university. The various unattended devices run the gamut from vending machines, washers & driers, photocopiers, micro-markets and more. Normally a closed environment would only accept a prepaid payment solution for cashless payment of services or products. These prepaid methods can be employee or ID cards, key fobs, mobile apps, etc. Usually these users (employees, students, residents, etc.) will receive a discount on their prepaid payment solution, while visitors to the closed environment will pay full price.

However, with Nayax, machines in a closed environment can accept all open payments. This lets the users have many more payment options. This includes any of the payment methods found in an open environment.

Mixed environments

A mixed environment is a combination of the two. An airport is an ideal example. The entire network of employees can use a prepaid payment solution (cards, mobile apps, fobs, etc.). At the same time, all of the tourists spending time at the airport, waiting for flight departures and arrivals, can pay via open cashless payment options.

On-premise laundromats (OPL) – with multiple payment options

Another good example of a mixed environment is an OPL or on-site laundromat, especially when Nayax is implemented. Users can take advantage of many payment options, and use what would be most convenient for them. Forget their prepaid card at home? It’s easy to pull out their phone and pay via a mobile app, like Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay. Or maybe they have downloaded Monyx Wallet, Nayax’s mobile payment app. Users can then add their prepaid cards, as well as other payment methods to Monyx, and quickly and easily start their wash.

Prepaid payment solution with Nayax in OPL

An OPL installation with Nayax cashless payment solution, in Bristol, UK

Monyx Wallet also easily allows operators to issue refunds, in the event there is a machine malfunction.

What kind of payment solution do you want to implement into your business? Nayax fits into every environment!