4 Ways to Improve Your Laundromat Business

Nayax’s cashless solution can improve your laundry payment system, increase your sales significantly with its multiple payment methods and streamline your operations with cash accountability and real-time sales tracking. There are also other ways your pay laundry machine operations can be enhanced. Here are 4 effective suggestions that can improve your laundromat operations that are neither time-consuming nor complicated.


1. Optimal machine efficiency

As a laundry operator, machines are your biggest investment, and you want to make sure the washers and dryers you install work well and for a long time. To maximize efficiency you can use telemetry to track machine usage, pinpointing which machines are used most and then regularly move the machines to different locations in the store. This saves you on wear and tear, and in the long run reduces maintenance costs. With your laundry machines all in order you maintain your professionalism, see fewer instances of machines breaking during laundry cycles and satisfied customers.

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2. Use consumer data to increase sales

Stay on top of your business’ data by keeping an eye on sales and other metrics regularly. Fitting your machines with telemetry terminals, and corresponding management software, can help you monitor your business’ progress at any time, in real time, and allow you to make decisions based on exact numbers. Looking at data you can identify consumer behavior such as what times of the day or which days of the week see the most business. You can use that information to create happy hours during off-peak times or other discounted promotions to generate business during traditionally quieter periods.

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There are several ways to set up your washers and dryers to optimize your laundromat’s efficiency and there are also several pay laundry machine system configurations.

There are several ways to set up your washers and dryers to optimize your machinery’s efficiency.

3. Offer discounts for purchasing prepaid credit

Stand out from other laundromats and develop loyalty by offering discounts and convenience to customers. Coin-operated machines or pay laundry machines with specialized cards add extra steps, even barriers, for the customer to do a load of laundry. If you introduce prepaid cards or credit, which can be loaded onto a smartphone loyalty app, customers can conveniently pay with cashless options.

Incentivize customers to buy prepaid credit by offering discounts, a free wash via a digital punch card or bonus credit. Customers can upload credit directly onto the loyalty app, or at a machine’s POS card reader with their credit card or a mobile wallet. The result of this effort? Loyal and engaged consumers, who will bring recurring income to your laundromat business.


4. Install a vending machine

Think beyond your laundry machines and consider other ways to bring additional income to your store. One idea is buying or leasing a vending machine, which can be used to sell drinks or snacks while customers wait for their laundry. Alternatively you can use the vending machine to upsell laundry products, stocking items like mini detergent bottles, fabric softeners or dryer sheets. Like your washers and dryers, vending machines do not need to be manned by staff and can be fitted with card readers, offering customers convenient ways to pay without needing cash. Vending machines can also be monitored remotely, and its attributes controlled from afar.

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Choose one of these ideas, or all four. Use the technology that is available to ensure your laundromat business’ operations run efficiently and multiply your sales opportunities. Nayax’s complete cashless solution considers the many needs of laundromat operators and developed features to improve your overall operations. If you want to find out about how you can take advantage of this, contact us.