Consumer Engagement Through Loyalty Rewards Programs

Consumer engagement can be more challenging when you work within the unattended machine market.  Nayax considers the consumers’ experience and has built consumer engagement tools into their platform, all intended to help operators increase sales. In a previous post, punch cards were discussed as a method to improve sales. This post looks at two ways to offer a loyalty rewards program in closed environments.

Everyone Loves a Discount: Pricing Incentives

Offering a discount to consumers with prepaid cards, (for example, employee IDs in a workplace), can be an incentive for the consumer to choose their prepaid card as a payment method. The motivation to stay in the building, as opposed to going to a nearby shop needs to be felt in the price difference. Operators can create different prices for different payment methods. They can then advertise two or three prices for one item on the same machine to highlight the discount.

Discounts can be set up on individually selected machines, with the option for the operator to offer discounts on specific products. The operator can look at sales and transactions reports in Nayax’s Management Suite for the best and worst selling products, and from those insights decide which products they want to promote with discounts.

With loyalty rewards programs, the benefits extend to both the consumer and operator. In this type of scenario, the consumer enjoys a discounted price and the operator receives more sales, with the likelihood of increased repeat business.

Apply loyalty rewards programs with prepaid cards by offering pricing incentives.

One of the ways to apply loyalty rewards programs in a closed environment is by offering discounts in workplaces.

Members Only: Reward Consumers with Membership

Another way of applying loyalty rewards programs to your vending machine is by introducing membership levels. An operator, using Nayax’s Management Suite, can identify frequent consumers and reward them by offering different loyalty membership types. The consumer can be given discounts when purchasing a product, or rewarded with free credit when they upload credit onto their prepaid card using Monyx Wallet.

Within the Management Suite, individual cards can be assigned various memberships such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum, and each membership level can be customized to offer varying benefits. Users can then be encouraged to spend more to achieve higher status.

Operators can personalize the way the discounts are implemented, choosing which products the discounts can apply to, or the minimum spending required for a discount to count.

With these loyalty rewards programs integrated within Nayax’s software, a relationship can be developed between an operator and their customers. Implementing these tools is an easy way to improve your consumers’ engagement with your product offerings, and they are adjustable to fit in with your consumers’ preferences. The end results are more loyal customers, buying more of your products.