Moma - Mobile Management app - Nayax's solution for on-the-go management and accessing machine data on the road.


MoMa, Nayax’s Mobile Management application enlists the powerful and innovative back-office capabilities of our management & monitoring tools, while on the go. This user-friendly app is compatible with all smartphones and tablets and helps operators reach their goal of fast and simple machine management while reducing operational costs. It’s a powerful means for technicians to be able to access the data that they need regarding their machines, making it easy to complete maintenance tasks. Technicians can easily:

  • Manage machine attributes
  • View machine and inventory dashboards
  • Manage alert thresholds

With the power of Nayax’s Management Suite, operators and technicians can manage their machines not just remotely, but also untied to any location.

MoMa equips unattended machine operators with a mobile app to track vending machine profit and performance on any handheld device.

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Manage machine attributes

View machine and route dashboard

Real Time Alerts

Plan route and picklist (in development)