Nayax Acquires InOne, Launching the Nayax brand in the US

Nayax, a global leading provider of cashless payments, telemetry and monitoring solutions to automated machines, is pleased to announce the launch of Nayax US.

April 10, 2014 – Nayax, announced the acquisition of InOne, a leading US provider of cashless payment systems, remote data collection, management software, replacement control boards and more since 1993.

The acquisition establishes Nayax as a leader in providing convenient, high quality, affordable cashless payment solutions in North America. “Nayax’s acquisition of InOne, Nayax product division, represents a natural fit, as both organizations share the same mission of providing comprehensive cashless payment solutions, telemetry, monitoring and management platform for the unattended automated machine market,” said Yair Nechmad, owner and CEO of Nayax. “Together we will continue to live up to this mission and hold ourselves to provide the most secure and certified payment and clearing systems while offering more innovations, state-of the art technologies to increase sales and reduce cost of machine operation.” Together with InOne, the company has installed more than 65,000 devices worldwide. The acquisition presents a unique opportunity to expand cashless payment services to unattended operators nationwide. Nayax is a dominant full solution provider in Europe, offering certified EMV secure transactions for many years. The experience and knowledge of operating in Europe will enable US operators to enjoy EMV certified solution and be prepared before 2015. US machine operators will be able to enjoy Nayax’s full range of products for cashless payments and telemetry – including VPOS (all-in-one card reader), AMIT 3.0 telemetry unit that fits more than 99% of all automated machines, Monyx Wallet card (a smart online/offline prepaid card that allows quick and secure transactions while enjoying the online management benefits). Monitoring, Management and Business Intelligence (BI), positioning the company as the ultimate all-in-one platform for the unattended industry. Nayax recently launched the new Monyx Wallet app enabling operators to communicate with their consumers and market their business with loyalty cards, sales and more. Nayax optimizes vending operators’ efficiency, empowering them to attend to their unattended consumers.