Nayax COVID-19 Response

Nayax’s strength has always been our commitment to our customers, and in these trying times, that commitment is just as strong.

Ongoing Operations

As always, we are maintaining our operational and service capabilities, ensuring your business will be unaffected. Nayax’s 24/7 monitoring service will continue to operate as such, as will payment schedules. Our complete monitoring platform is multi-site redundant, with worldwide coverage to ensure your business will be unharmed.

Employee Security

Another top priority is to keep our employees safe. To that end, we have implemented work-at-home directives, enabling employees around the globe who need to be home, the ability to continue to do their work as effectively as possible.

Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Nayax is continuing to monitor the situation and will take all actions necessary to preserve stability for you. While the COVID-19 pandemic is causing disruption around the world, and not to be taken lightly, we are confident in our BCP and our capabilities to deliver the best service possible.

Our dedicated local support teams and global support continue to provide timely responses for any issues that may arise in your operations.

On behalf of the entire global Nayax family, we wish you, your family and colleagues continued health throughout this ordeal.

If you have any questions regarding our activities above or any other matter, please contact us at