NAYAX IS GROWING: New offices in Japan, Mexico, Germany

2015 has been dominated by cashless and mobile payments and telemetry systems in the automated and vending machines industry, and it has been a big year for global expansion at Nayax. We’ve opened new offices Nayax Ltd. to establish a strong presence in Japan, where there are already 5.52 million vending machines, selling everything from cold drinks, coffee and snacks, to flower bouquets and clothing. According to the Japan National Tourism Organization, vending machine annual sales reach almost 6.95 trillion yen (58.3 billion USD). This announcement comes at a time when Japan is looking forward to hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics in the capital city Tokyo. Establishing Nayax K.K. will help local vending machine operators get ready for the increased levels of international tourism, which means cashless payments with international credit cards and mobile payments using smart phones.