Nayax's transport solutions introduce open cashless payments into the mass transit market. Travelers can pay with their contactless credit or debit cards or via QR code.

An AFC platform for tomorrow’s transit needs, today.

Nayax Transit eases the travel experience for passengers while simplifying the payment management system.

Travelers can enjoy account-based ticketing fares without committing to dedicated travel cards or buying a paper ticket before boarding.

With a cloud-based management suite PTOs get remote access to their deployed validators’ activities, including fare processing.

Nayax Transit’s customizable platform is hardware agnostic and upgrading deployed systems does not require new hardware.

Pay with your phone on the bus or train with Nayax's Onyx Go and Onyx Go Plus devices, offering open cashless payment opportunities on mass transit. This enables anyone to purchase a ticket without needing to buy a prepaid card or buy a before boarding.
Pay and ride with Nayax, an open & closed loop public transport ticketing & payment platform. Consumers can pay as they board the bus or train without forethought required, opening transport up to more travelers.

Get on track with Nayax Transit

A Platform-as-a-Service for Public Transit

Hardware Agnostic

No matter the device,
Nayax Transit is always a good fit

Always Be in Control

Complete transparency and control at your fingertips

Payment Processing Platform

End-to-end payment processing for both open and closed loop environments

Cost Effective

An affordable price tag,
for a feature-rich solution

No need to buy a ticket beforehand with Nayax's transport solutions, which open payment up to any traveler.

With Nayax Transit you can:

Choose the elements you need (ABT, payment processing, fare engine and hardware)

Benefit from a system that simplifies payment complexity

Reduce operation costs

Upgrade existing deployments

Get peace of mind with a platform that is PCI/DSS certified

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