Operational Security with a Cashless Payment Solution

Can cashless payments make your business more secure? Nayax’s cashless payment solution provides a level of operational security that can put your mind at ease, even when you’re not in the presence of your machines.

Operating an unattended device can be seen by outsiders as easy, passive income. However, the reality is that there is tremendous concern regarding theft and vandalism. Having a cash-only business might seem initially attractive, but how can you provide products or services without fear of theft & vandalism incurred to get to your cashbox? And what about skimming? While it might not be comfortable to consider, your employees have unfettered access to your cashbox and it’s too easy to take a few dollars here and there, without you having any real accounting of how much really should be collected.

Nayax’s cashless payment solution, VPOS, greatly reduces the odds of the above scenarios and enhances your operational security. By adding multiple cashless payment methods to your machine minimizes the amount of cash in your cashbox, while not impeding sales. (in fact, adding the option to pay via cashless methods, including credit/debit/prepaid cards, mobile payments including Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay or bank or wallet apps increase sales!) Having less cash to steal makes you less vulnerable to loss and your machines less desirable to vandalize.

In Barnsley, UK the airvend provider, PTC, has taken cash out of the equation by installing Nayax’s cashless payment solution, to avoid costly vandalism to their devices. Located in HKS garage forecourts, customers now have the option to pay cashless directly, or purchase tokens from the convenience store attendant. Nayax’s management suite registers all vends, whether they are cashless or tokens so there is clear visibility of all transactions.

Airvend device using Nayax VPOS cashless payment solution for operational securityAs for employee theft, Nayax’s management suite, available on line or easily accessible with Nayax’s MoMa phone app, lets you view all transactions – no matter which payment method was used. So you’re able to know the exact levels of your cashbox, to see exactly how much cash was received, and therefore keep an eye on the correct amounts of cash to be collected. This knowledge acts as a deterrent to any internal theft, safeguarding your intake.