Nayax's Amit 3.0 is the leading device for telemetry and remote monitoring


Take the guess work out of management and restocking.

The Nayax telemetry system offers a complete machine to machine (M2M) and IoT solution ideally suited for operators of vending machines or other unattended automated machines. With our fully integrated wireless telemetry system, you can take the guesswork out of management and restocking and streamline your business.


Access to accurate information

When you make use of a telemetry solution you gain access to accurate information about your machine status, inventory and sales transactions, ensuring you are up-to-date about exactly what is happening with your business operations.

Enables better management

Integrating telemetry solutions improves operational management with different reports and customizable alerts to allow you to better understand your business in real time.

Real-time alerts

With customizable smart alerts you can be kept aware of any notable operational changes to your machines. Sent in real time via phone or email these alerts can save you on operational costs and prevent the unnecessary loss of revenue by solving problems as they occur.

Remote machine monitoring

A telemetry system will continuously monitor your machines 24/7. With keep alive signals and access to real time data you can keep an eye on connectivity and be informed of all aspects of your operations as they happen.

Take advantage of user insights

Operators can better understand consumer behavior and product preferences and use these to boost sales. Learn about sales patterns, determine popular products or times, and which consumer engagement promotion to implement.



Communicates globally with the best connection – via GSM, GPRS, CDMA, ethernet or Wi-Fi

DEX, DDCMP, Rs232 Interface

Sends useful data: alerts, reports, inventory information, cash monitoring, and route planning

Optimum mobile coverage

Troubleshooting help: assistance with network issues and machine communication (show parameters, Gtrace and more)

Forwards the data to a third-party system

Powerful remote device control

Works with multiple protocols: Compatible with MDB, Pulse, VCCS, or ccTalk protocols

Remotely change price: Change machine product prices using DEX read or via Nayax’s Management Suite

IoT: Nayax’s M2M IoT vending telemetry helps operators gain a fuller picture of their operation, monitoring multiple streams of data such as transactions (both cash and cashless), inventory and machine operation.


More than vending telemetry

Vending machine telemetry system

  • Track sales & inventory
  • Monitor machine temperatures
  • Receive real-time data, with operational alerts
  • Facilitates pre-kitting
  • Attain cash accountability

For laundry operators

  • Determine which times and days are most popular
  • Track which machines are used most

For office coffee services

  • Receive alerts when beans, capsules and other supplies are low
  • Discover popular beverages
  • Create marketing campaigns around trends

For electronic vehicle charging stations

  • Discover how much electricity is being used
  • See your sales progress with reports

For photo booths and transportation tickets

  • Set up alerts for paper jams or if the system gets disconnected
  • Discover which locations are most popular and which machines are most used

For massage chairs

  • Track how many consumers received massages
  • Create alerts if machines get unplugged
  • Discover which locations are most popular and which times the machines are most used

For restrooms operators

  • Track the number of daily visitors
  • Review cash and cashless sales
  • If both cashless and cash payments are accepted, create alerts when the cash box is full, lessening unnecessary onsite visits

For kiddie rides and prize machines

  • Check how many prizes have been dispensed
  • Receive alerts when the cash box is full
  • Create alerts if the machine gets unplugged/goes down

For car washes

  • Track the number of cars washes completed at each location
  • Learn what times are most popular and the days the car wash is most visited


Considering adding a wireless telemetry system to your business? Have questions? Check out our FAQ’s, and contact us for even more, personalized information about how Nayax can help you grow your business and reduce operational cost with a telemetry solution perfectly suited for you.

Does the telemetry system work with different protocols?

Yes, it is compatible with MDB, Pulse, VCCS, or ccTalk protocols, as well as DEX, DDCMP, and Rs232 Interface.

What is included with the telemetry system?

Nayax’s telemetry solution is all inclusive with a SIM card and communication package.

We already have our own backend management system. Can the data be forwarded to our existing platform?

Yes, in addition to working with Nayax’s Management Suite, our telemetry solution can send data to a third party.

Does the wireless telemetry system allow remote updates?

Yes, product price updates, product name changes, new device versions and more all from the Nayax platform, can be done remotely.

How do I know if everything is online and working?

With Nayax’s telemetry solution you receive smart alerts via text message or email that have flexible threshold settings, which can be set up in NayaxVend. Some of the examples of alerts include cash level, inventory, temperature, or last vend. In addition to these alerts you can use our management platform to view your machine operation in real time, overseeing the machine keep alive signal, transaction monitoring, and temperature probe among others.


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